about me

I'm an Austin-based writer and editor whose work has appeared all over the internet, including Elle, The Cut, Racked, Cosmopolitan, and more. I was a web editor for Redbook, a retail reporter at Business Insider, and a celebrity writer at Yahoo!. I've executed a lot of types of stories, including high-profile interviews with celebrities and executives, personal essays, analysis pieces, quick-hit blog posts, news, and other types of features. I also do branded content, content strategy and copywriting. I'm currently the digital editor at Whole Foods Market, where I do a whole bunch of cool things from talking big-picture about digital content to writing the words on the tiniest little CTA button — plus much more.

I also have hobbies and interests, like improv comedy, songwriting, and hanging out with my dog, but I’m assuming you came here to see my professional pursuits. But hopefully, you are relieved to learn that I am a well-rounded human being with a pulse!

TL, DR: I love words and digital content. I live in Austin. I have a pulse.